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Milano Steel Company :
for the manufacture of supermarket shelves and warehouses and metal clamp.

Shelves of supermarkets and Warehouse:
* Company produces all kinds of supermarket shelves and warehouses and shops latest lines. The production of sophisticated machinery to provide its products to the highest standards of quality and durability world.
* The company can produce 240000 shelf in a month.
* The company has the best kinds of lines Electroplating thermal mechanism to give more precise standards and specifications for its products Painting and the quality of metal.

Wire Shelf:
* In our latest machinery for the manufacture and clamp infiltration and metal where you can stands .
* The company's production / 90000 / metal clamp meters from the monthly highest standards of quality and proficiency.

The Factory area amounting / 10000 / square meters

Permanent diligence to meet the needs of customers and help them complete their projects modern means, where we have an integrated team with expertise in the design and delivery of projects Supermarkets, warehouses and all kinds of stands.

Our motto: quality, durability and lasting development

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